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Licensed and Insured

Before hiring someone to handle your case, you should ask yourself the following questions:

Will the firm be around when the case goes to court?
Is the firm legal?
Will they act ethically?

When you hire us the answer to all three will always be YES!. We have extensive experience in addressing the specialized needs of diverse clientele and understand the complexities of specialized investigations and deliver on our promises. We invite you to give us a try.

Do Your Homework

You might be suprised to discover that more than half of the private investigators listed in the phone book are not legal.

They will work for less, so why should I care?

Hiring an unlicensed investigator will lose your case in court. Judges must exclude testimony of unlicensed investigators because Kentucky law specifically states that unlicensed practice is a crime (misdemeanor on the first offense, a felony on the second or subsequent). This means anything your investigator brought to court on your behalf is gone.

You get what you pay for. Any investigator that agrees to unlimited work for a fixed price or low wages is likely to rip you off! Maintaining continuing education hours, paying insurance premiums and state licensure fees is not cheap. Protect yourself by hiring reputable investigators from the beginning.

Kentucky PI License 167694

Indiana PI License PI21200043